Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas at Convair

In honor of Christmas Eve, I am posting a few more shots from my Stepmother's days at the San Diego Wind Tunnel (aka Convair). These gems from the 1950's show her and her friend/coworker with the rest of the gang that worked there. First shot is from 1951, followed by 1952.

Decorating the tree for 1952:

Moving ahead 2 years to 1954, we see an unexpected office shot; no computers…just a typewriter. Anyone out there heard of those?

Zooming in for a closeup of the Pinup Calendar on the wall; sure wish the person who took the photo had a steadier hand!

In the next two group shots from 1955, my Stepmother is the one in the festive Christmas Tree skirt:

Gotta' zoom in for a closeup of that skirt. This could be the new trend, replacing the recent Christmas Sweater craze!

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K. Martinez said...

Love that Christmas Tree. What's with the moustaches in the last image? The guy in front on the opposite side of your stepmother has a strange black shape below his chin. What's up with that? Nice set today. Thanks, Dave.

Daveland said...

Ken - I think it's just a gag; there are two fake mustaches and one guy with a bow tie as a beard. Just some holiday fun!

K. Martinez said...
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K. Martinez said...

I thought it might be a gag, but wasn't sure. I did a double take with that bow tie beard. I thought maybe little Dave drew the mustaches on the photo. I probably would've do something like that when I was a little kid.

I really do like today's images. These B&W's have a warm and cozy feel to them. Thanks for the reply and Merry Christmas Eve, Dave!

JG said...

Thanks for the vintage pics, Dave. It's nice that these have the personal commentary to go with it.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and thanks for your blog in the past year.

I really enjoy it. Best regards.