Monday, December 22, 2014

Monorail Below!

How about this April 1979 overhead shot? I am digging the side-by-side view of the Monorial and The PeopleMover.

Uh oh…yawning? Not good! Don't let this cast member work any of the controls. This could result in a safety hazard!

Zooming into the upper left hand area of the photo, you get a SECOND Monorail. This photo is just chock full of Tomorrowland-goodness!

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K. Martinez said...

Looks like the monorail is just departing due to the slight bend in the lead car. Got to make way for the Monorail Gold which will shortly arrive at the Tomorrowland Monorail Station. Today's photo is a gem. So much to look at. Thanks, Dave.

Fifthrider said...

Great pic. Love the uniforms they had at that time. The domed monorail was always the best design IMHO.

Snow White Archive said...

Nice side-by-side shot. Two of my favorite things--Monorail and PeopleMover.

Unknown said...

Boy does that third (close-up) reinforce my love of the Mark III's! With those nearly wrap-around windows they are the epitome of slick. I think they look better than the Mark VII's.