Sunday, December 14, 2014

Knott's Ghost Town: Judge Roy Bean's House

Phantly Roy Bean, Jr. (aka Judge Roy Bean) was an eccentric U.S. saloon-keeper and Justice of the Peace in Val Verde County, Texas who held court in his saloon which he named The Jersey Lilly, after actress Lilly Langtry. Walter Knott had a replica of the saloon built in 1947, using an old home that was moved from a nearby ranch. The first photo is from a vintage postcard, followed by a September 1955 image.

The saloon originally stood west of the Bottle House, where the Indian Trails Stage is today.

Visitors were able to order boysenberry punch and root beer inside the saloon. These June 1968 guests seem afraid to go in.

Here's a photo I snapped during my first visit to Knott's in 2010. Yellow caution paint on the steps? Newfangled thrill rides in the background? What would ol' Roy Bean think?

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