Saturday, December 20, 2014

House Without A Cause

It's not surprising that this home located near Hollywood Boulevard doesn't look very familiar; even though it can be seen in one of the most classic 1950's melodramas, it was relegated to the background. At the beginning of "Rebel Without A Cause," a drunken Jim Stark (James Dean) can be seen laying down on the street playing with a toy monkey.

The house in the background is none other than the one you see here.

One of these days I'll try to match the shot at night; first I'll need to find the toy monkey.

This fence which was once on display at the now defunct James Dean Gallery in Fairmount, Indiana was also seen in "Rebel":

A closeup of the display which shows the scene with James Dean and Sal Mineo that turned this plain old wooden fence into something that was museum quality:

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K. Martinez said...

Being in a holiday state of mind, I first thought the header said "House without a Claus", thinking it was the anti-Santa house.

"Giant" and "East of Eden" are some of my favorite films, but "Rebel Without A Cause" just didn't do a thing for me.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I am a MASSIVE James Dean fan and knowing this house is within just a few miles from me makes me so happy! I must visit!

Mike, Studio City said...

In the mid 1970's I attended several parties at this house. At the time is was owned by a couple of guys who enjoyed throwing a good party. Later, in 1986, I lived a block away from this house. It is located on the east side of Wattles Garden Park on Franklin.

jeffrey said...

The fence is STILL on display at the now "refunked" james dean gallery in Fairmount, Indiana. Saw it last week.