Monday, April 21, 2014

April at Disneyland, Pt. 1

I've already shared my experience with Big Thunder Mountain Railroad during my recent visit to Disneyland. Now I will take you back outside the park to the very beginning, because that's typically where most stories should start. On this somewhat gray day in Southern California, I arrived at the crack of dawn, because that's when you can get the best photos before the strollers and crowds descend upon the park.

Last minute pressure-washing makes the park sparkle when the gates open.

How often do you see the Mickey floral with nary a soul in front of it?

650,000,000 million? Good Lord, where do they put everyone?

One final check before the gates open:

The Monorail was speeding by overhead:

And then I was in! The sunlight was just beginning to show itself, casting a golden light on the Main Street Train Station:

I shot a few photos of this section of Town Square which is rumored to be going under the knife when they finally develop the "back alley" behind Main Street, U.S.A.

I've never really paid much attention to this side of the Mad Hatter Shop.

And either this light outside of the Magic Shop is new, or I have been unaware of it. Regardless, it's a beautiful detail!

Last one for today is the recently unveiled Tony Baxter window on Main Street.

TOMORROW: New Orleans Square!

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K. Martinez said...

Image 2 - This unusual view brings to mind, that I never use the east tunnel entrance. It's always the west tunnel entrance that I use to enter and exit Disneyland. For some reason, it just feels natural.

Image 10 - What a beautiful shot of the Main Street Station. I love the morning sky.

Image 14 - The stained glass "cards" light fixture is a beauty. The thing I love about Disneyland is there's always something overlooked or new to discover. Looking forward to the rest of "April in Disneyland". Thanks, Dave.