Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April at Disneyland, Pt. 2

Welcome to New Orleans Square, one of my favorite areas of Disneyland. If you head to there right after opening, you have a very good chance of getting some nice photos before the crowds overtake the park.

Always take the time to look above; each balcony has a plethora of props and other cool details just waiting to be noticed.

The nice banners like this help alleviate the "pain" of the Club 33 construction that has overtaken so much of New Orleans Square.

The Popcorn Cart near Magnolia Park wasn't quite ready for business.

It was pointed out to me that the benches have been removed from Magnolia Park. What's a park without benches?

Here's a genuine FauxD© shot of Magnolia Park; you can almost hear the water cascading from the fountain.

This ginormous Easter "egg" was placed in the fountain, just waiting to be noticed.

And until my next Disneyland Trip Report post, I'll leave you at the gate of the Haunted Mansion:

See more vintage & current Daveland Disneyland New Orleans Square photos on my main website.


K. Martinez said...

Dave - Will you still have access to "Club 33" when it reopens? I'd love to see a photo shoot of what they've done when finished.

What's with the benchless Magnolia Park? Perhaps they're installing your favorite attraction: Stroller Parking. Aaaagggghhhh!

Daveland said...

Ken - I am hoping I'll have access!

Fifthrider said...

Speaking of access to hard to reach places, last Saturday I got a good glimpse of the interior of the Fantasyland Skyway while passing by on Casey Jr. It's not what was hoped for, but in a pinch it may be the best thing available short of getting permission to go in.

JG said...

Based on what I saw a few weeks ago, removal of the benches in the park is probably related to routing the extended queues through this area.

My long wait for POTC was routed through here early in the AM and later, the HM and DLRR were also backed up into this area.

Having benches would just reduce the room available for standees and increase friction of people jostling to sit while they wait, so another minor amenity sacrificed to "packing them in."

I'm just not enjoying my trips much anymore due to half of creation being in the Park at the same time.