Monday, April 07, 2014

UCDA Design Summit in Indy, Pt. 2

The Mass Ave (short for Massachusetts Avenue) Arts and Theater District was always one of my favorite places to visit whenever I was in Indianapolis. Historic buildings, quirky businesses, and a few delicious restaurants. It was also the place that I had my very first cup of coffee, at age 35. Almost 15 years later, the businesses and restaurants have changed, but Mass Ave is still thriving.

Lunch at Black Market was worth the cab ride.

It appeared to have a fully-stocked bar...

including a bottle of Ron Jeremy rum. Who said the 70's were dead?

My burger on brioche bun with salty fries (just the way I like 'em) were delicious. So were the green tomato pickles that it came with.

Across the street is Indy Reads Books, an independent bookstore that sells mostly used and some new books for adults and children. It is also a source of revenue for the not-for-profit organization Indy Reads, whose mission is to improve the literacy skills of adults in central Indiana who currently read at or below the sixth grade level.

Nearby was an old Coca-Cola Bottling Plant, designed by the architectural firm of Rubush and Hunter. I had never noticed it before.

I was in art deco heaven.

Indianapolis Public Schools bought the building in 1969, and it has since been used as their Service Center ever since. Locals told me that a Target had attempted to acquire it recently.

The Murat Shrine Temple, aka The Old National Centre, attracts guests with its mix of Broadway shows, concerts, and other top-notch entertainment.

A detailed look at the Islamic-inspired facility, showing its construction date of 1909.

The minaret tower:

The cooler temperatures didn't prevent me from trying a Sub-Zero treat. Made before my eyes, it was tasty, but definitely more hype than substance. As seen on the show Shark-Tank.

Dinner at Bluebeard was a treat; it was named for author Kurt Vonnegut.

The decor included this painting of Vonnegut as well as a variety of typewriters. I found it to be very fun.

The Elvis Pie was to die for…literally. Peanut butter and banana pie with pieces of real bacon. And whipped cream. And chocolate sauce.

My arteries are still recovering.

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Fifthrider said...

I don't know if I'd trust the Ron Jeremy rum. I'm floored that you didn't try coffee until you were 35. I blame my cup-of-expensive-Joe-a-day habit on the movie Hudson Hawk. I'm not proud of that. As always, great pics. You have an eye for finding the most interesting architecture in any city.

K. Martinez said...

Today's post is an architectural feast for the eyes. I like the Black Market building. That burger and fries looks awesome. Did you use the fork and knife to eat it?

Didn't know the Hedgehog had his own rum. Think I'd pass on that one.

Extra nice post today. Thanks.

JG said...

Yes, your trip to Indianapolis was markedly more interesting than mine.


Daveland said...

Ken - I actually used my hands on the burger! And yes…I skipped the RJ Rum!

JG - I can't believe we were both there at the same time!

Matt G. said...

I live in Kokomo and get to Indy fairly often, but I've picked up at least three restaurants I need to try!