Sunday, April 13, 2014

UCDA Design Summit in Indy, Pt. 4

Besides the regular UCDA Design Summit sessions, a tour of the historic Indianapolis downtown was offered by Indiana Landmarks. Starting off inside the Circle Centre Mall/Indianapolis Arts Garden, our group was able to avoid the rain that was falling that morning.

Across the way is the Indiana Repertory Theatre. I really love the facade of this Spanish Baroque building, which was built as a movie palace and ballroom in 1927.

A detail of the clock:

And the ornate carvings of King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella I:

A view of a very wet and cloudy Washington Street:

Our destination was the Romanesque Revival style Majestic Building, Indiana’s first entirely steel framed skyscraper building. The Indiana Gas Company constructed the building (designed by Oscar Bohlen of D.A. Bohlen & Son) in 1895–96 to serve as a new business headquarters.

As you already know, at Daveland, it is all about the details:

It is really great to see these artistic features have survived the years:

I was able to avoid the feeling of vertigo while taking these two stairwell shots:

The only thing missing are Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak:

We were given a tour of one of the tenants, The Borshoff Agency:

Bill Lovejoy of Borshoff took us around their office.

Loved the Seeburg Jukebox:

Another shot of the office interior:

Here's an historic photo of the outside of the building:

Compared with a modern-day view:

Today's post finishes with four detailed shots of some of the hidden gems I found in downtown Indianapolis:

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