Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Evolution of an Entrance

Today's "old vs. new" shots show the entrance/dock area of the Jungle Cruise attraction located in Adventureland. The 1950's version definitely has a tribal feel to it.

Flash forward to present-day and it looks positively civilized!

The dock itself, 1950's style:

vs. present day:

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Connie Moreno said...

So much has changed and yet, the flavor is much improved!

Fifthrider said...

I love seeing old pics and video from the JC and Tahitian Terrace just to compare the foliage. It was so open and undeveloped back then. Flash forward to today and it all grew in; you'd think Walt would be happy to see how it came along. The change to the JC line was always one alteration I really applauded.

K. Martinez said...

Dave, I don't think these photos are the 1950's version as written in your description. The 1950's version was the original "civilized" boathouse which wasn't removed until 1961 in preparation for the Swiss Family Treehouse. These look like the 1960's version to me.

Anyway, I absolutely love the boathouse queue and dock that is there today. All the "artifacts" within and climbing upstairs and seeing views of Adventureland from slightly higher ground is cool. Also the back of the boathouse is awesome with it's ramshackle look.

One thing I'm glad has not changed is the motor sound of the jungle boats. It's pure magic!

Thanks for featuring my favorite attraction on your blog 3 days in a row.

Darryl said...

Dave - the "old" seemed like they were trying for an "outpost" feel, just some random dock for passengers, local people and provisions to shipped out.

The "new" is more of the edge of civilization with an established dock and "safety" if you will for the dock workers and of course the radio station!

Now if they could only find Dr. Jones!