Sunday, November 17, 2013

Welcome to Disneyland, February 1962

The first thing I notice in this February 1962 photo is the gent in the foreground with the cigarette dangling from his mouth. In this day and age where smoking is tantamount to armed-robbery, it does seem a bit startling to see this man's grin while his cancer stick dares you to comment.

Zooming in, we see something much less threatening going on in the background. A vivacious young Disneyland Tour Guide is most likely getting acquainted with the party she will be accompanying through the park.

What stands out in this image for you?

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K. Martinez said...

I like the colors of the information boards above the ticket booths. They remind me of the A thru E coupons you'd tear out of your ticket book.

I used to smoke at Disneyland back in the day. The place was so clean that I couldn't bear to leave my cigarette butt on the ground, so I always picked it up and stuck it back in the pack after putting it out. Glad to say I haven't smoked in 15 years.

Speaking of vivacious young tour guides, there are some cast members that are genuinely pleasant and others that are so animated and canned that they come off as phony. I prefer the friendly but real type of cast member. It really takes someone with good people skills to pull it off.

Ben Myers said...

Disneyland isn't personal. It's strictly business. Besides, it's always about those socks. Always has been, always will be.

Anonymous said...

I love that guy's expression. He reminds me of someone, can't remember who.

We never took a guided tour. I probably would have been looking at the guide, and also so would Dad, so that's probably why.