Monday, November 04, 2013

Love On The PeopleMover

Fans of Disneyland from yesteryear will remember The PeopleMover, which consisted of those colorful little buckets with a roof that gave guests a tour of the many wonders of Tomorrowland. You may remember a previous post that showed what happened to at least two of those vehicles and how they were lovingly restored by their current owner, Kevin.

When it came time for his daughter Charlene to get married, what could provide a more scenic backdrop than his mini fleet of yellow PeopleMovers? I was honored that Kevin chose me as the official event photographer, which gave me another chance to view Kevin's amazing collection while being part of this momentous occasion.

For table centerpieces, the Olszewski Main Street Opera House sculptures provided the perfect thematic element.

Photos of friends and family (both past and present) were posted on a memory wall towards the back of the yard:

Kevin's cousin Linda was on hand to assist with much of the preparation, including putting this appropriate Mickey & Minnie piece on top of the wedding cake:

I had access to the bridal dressing room before the ceremony (after everyone was decent, of course!) and got to watch the final moments of Charlene getting ready before walking down the aisle. The bridal bouquets patiently awaited their moment on stage.

A few group shots were snapped, including this one with mother and bridesmaids:

The tiara required just a bit of adjustment before the ceremony:

When the big moment arrived, the hazy clouds had broken and there was nothing but Socal Sunshine as father proudly walked his daughter down the aisle:

Under the PeopleMover canopy, the wedding took place at 11 am, officiated by Disney historian and collector Dave Mason.

Here Charlene and husband-to-be Joel exchange rings:

and then the moment it all became official with a kiss:

Official portraits followed (on The PeopleMover, of course!):

Here, Joel shows himself to be a gentleman, helping his new bride out of the vehicle:

Guests included Disney Dean and Imagineer Matt McKim, son of Disney legend Sam McKim. And yes, they are sitting in a vintage Skyway bucket.

One of the wedding gifts required a bit of handyman work from Joel, as it was boxed in this one-of-a-kind Nightmare Before Christmas inspired coffin:

A beautifully framed set of Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay Tarot cards. This is one piece that Charlene's dad DOESN'T have!

The cutting of the cake began as it typically does...

and then, befitting the fun and festive nature of this one and only PeopleMover wedding, the bride and groom "shared" the cake with each other:

Nothing a kiss can't clean up:

The bride and her friends did a little post-wedding celebration with the bartender:

A salute to family and friends:

This was a truly special afternoon, and I was so honored to be part of it. Just another great example of the wonderful people I have met over the years through my website and blog. Congrats again, Joel & Charlene!

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K. Martinez said...

Sounds like you really enjoyed the wedding. Is it pretty much the whole family who are into Disney?

Congrats, Joel & Charlene!

Anonymous said...

Fun stuff. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

A unique opportunity indeed.

Daveland said...

Ken - It is definitely a passion shared by the whole family!