Saturday, November 23, 2013

Photo shoot at the Pier

About a year or more ago, Chris Merritt (Imagineer supreme and the creative genius behind the Sleeping Beauty Castle Diorama re-birth at Disneyland)...

and the fantastic book Knott's Preserved: From Boysenberry to Theme Park, the History of Knott's Berry Farm, sent out an email to all of us Disneyland bloggers asking if we had any images of POP. My first thought was, "What the hell is POP?" This was an acronym I was not familiar with! Chris explained it stood for Pacific Ocean Park, which was an amusement pier between Venice and Santa Monica that went belly-up many moons ago. He was busy putting together a new book on this pop culture phenomenon, thus the APB (that's All Points Bulletin!) for photos.

Flash forward to the present and Chris needed an author photo for his book as well as a few publicity shots. I was honored that he wanted to hire me for this assignment, and the next thing I knew, we were driving up to the Santa Monica Pier with Chris filling me in on the history of POP. Dear Lord God...please do not let me get sucked into another hobby.

Chris' idea for the shoot was to use the background of the Santa Monica Pier at night to substitute for the long-defunct POP.

Let's see...shoot at night, bright lights in the background, and a human subject in the foreground. And did I mention that I do not like to use a flash...or a tripod?

It took awhile to get the right settings, location, and composition, but eventually, things came together and both of us were pleased with the results.

For more on POP, join Chris' Facebook group.

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K. Martinez said...

It's nice to hear of your involvement in this publication. I've already pre-ordered his POP book on If it's anywhere near as good as his "Knott's Preserved" book then it will be fantastic.

I love images and text on the old defunct parks like Pacific Ocean Park, Freedomland USA and Pleasure Island.

Kathy said...

It was so good to read about "POP" once again. You don't hear about this much anymore. I've got a photo of my mother and her 2 sisters at POP when they were kids and my mother took me there when I was a kid, too!

Irene said...

I remember POP very well and I've been enjoying old photos of it on Facebook. Nice that you were selected to take Chris' cover photo :)