Friday, November 15, 2013

The Dapper Dans, Circa 1971

Just a quick trio of images as we slide into the weekend with today's post. These three images are from July 1971. I purchased them because of the first one shown, which has the Dapper Dans performing on Main Street. It appears that the Market House is visible diagonally across the street. That would make this interior the Carnation Ice Cream Parlour. Not sure if that's correct, but if so, it's just another reason of why I like this shot, since vintage interior shots of Main Street are hard to come by.

Although not quite as unique, the other two consecutive images in the bunch are nice views of the Horse-Drawn Streetcar, first in Central Plaza:

and then heading towards Town Square:

Anybody out there able to confirm/deny the location of the Dans in the first shot?

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Anonymous said...

That last shot certainly lays to rest the notion that until fairly recently people stuck to the sidewalks on Main Street.

K. Martinez said...

In the first image it actually looks like the Emporium that is visible across the street/Town Square. Perhaps the interior is of "Walt Disney: A Legacy for the Future" exhibit (Wurlitzer Music Hall)

Nice set today. Thanks!

dfan07 said...

The Dapper Dans are inside the Wonderland Music shop. Today, it's the Mad Hatter and the exit from Mr. Lincoln.

K. Martinez said...

@dfan07 -

Good research. The view angle and shop entry doorway definitely match.

Daveland said...

Thanks all for solving the mystery! Something else for me to shoot a contemporary comparison shot of on my next visit to the park.