Saturday, November 02, 2013

Black & White Gems from 1959, Pt. 2

Crossing over into Fantasyland, our December 1959 photographer only took one shot there. Apparently only the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship impressed him, or he was just being careful of not wasting his roll of film. Regardless, he got two nice shots of both sides of the Matterhorn, starting with the Fantasyland side (which also captures the recently christened Monorail):

and the Tomorrowland side, where the vintage round Skyway Buckets are floating through the two openings of the Matterhorn:

The TWA Moonliner, with the edge of the Flight Circle fence visible at left:

One of the best shots of this batch is the Monorail Station and Monorail; what a beauty!

Zooming in, you can see the Ticket Booth for the Submarine Voyage, which was also recently christened when this photo was taken:

More December 1959 Black & White gems to come tomorrow!

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K. Martinez said...

WoW!! The last two days have been like Christmas. A Black and White Christmas. These are incredible images.

In both Matterhorn images you can see the top grotto area (above Skyway level) where the bobsleds are released from the lift for their first turn-around before disappearing into the mountain. It's visible for both Bobsled Runs; Tomorrowland side and Fantasyland side in the Matterhorn images. I was bummed when they sealed it up for the 1978 revamp.

Wonderful view of the Mark I monorail in the station with its "Santa Fe/Disneyland-Alweg Monorail System" signage captured in its entirety and the Submarine Voyage entrance below. I love seeing the backdrop of the rest of "Disneyland '59" with the Matterhorn chalet, monorail track and Richfield Eagle rising above the newly built Fantasyland Autopia. All images are great today.

I'm so looking forward to more of your 1959 Black & White gems tomorrow. Thanks!

beachgal said...

Now I am mixed up - There was the paddle boat, the Mark Twain that always ran unless the moat had to be drained for repairs. I seem to recall the Chicken of the Sea never going anywhere. Then there was the Columbia that did sail but only on certain days and I seem to recall it stopped sailing completely in the 60's other then a rare excursion for some big hullabaloo the park was having and then it was a big event to see it. My memories are pretty vivid of Frontier land. Mom liked to eat at the Frito-Lay place there once that was opened up.