Friday, November 29, 2013

Rock 'n Savannah, Pt. 4

Broughton Street in Savannah, Georgia, was once a vibrant center of retail, restaurants, and hotes. Thankfully, the same can be said today. Even though some of the players have changed, the storefronts and feel of a thriving community have survived.

Levy Jewelers is on the corner of Bull & Broughton, having just moved from its previous location of 75 years, Drayton & Broughton.

The flags were out over Broughton in honor of Veterans Day.

This little gem of a coffee house, The Coffee Fox, apparently has an interesting history.

Old and new, living together; I love the idea of repurposing an old building rather than simply tearing it down..

A shot of the interior of The Coffee Fox:

The Marshall House on Broughton has the distinction of being the oldest hotel in Savannah, having been built in 1851. It also boasts a pretty darn good location, too.

My favorite area of Broughton Street is the one that has Leopold's Ice Cream Parlour and SCAD's Trustees Theater (formerly the Weis Theater which opened back in 1946):

Back to home base after walking around town and taking some photos, it was time for a few drinks at the Mansion on Forsyth's Bar, located above the 700 Drayton Restaurant.

The bar matched the rest of the hotel; a somewhat modern look with a few vintage upscale yet kitschy touches.

How about this colorful chandelier?

I especially liked these two paintings; not sure who the artist is.

They seem like something from the WPA era...mixed in with a psychedelic trip for good measure.

After drinks, it was time for the after-race celebratory dinner, meaning we had to hightale it up to Reynolds Square, where a statue of John Wesley (credited as the founder of the Methodist movement) resides.

and the Lucas Theatre. Unfortunately, we would be leaving just before Jim Brickman was to perform there.

The final destination was The Olde Pink House, seen in this aerial shot:

This restaurant is a must-dine for me every time I visit Savannah.

The warm interior...

The Colonial decor...

and the Fried Pork Chop.

It's no wonder I found myself running 8 miles only 2 days after the race.

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Tom said...

Wow. Great history here. Can't wait to go and see all this. Thanks for sharing these photos.