Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Trip Report Pt. 8: A Mess of Miscellany

Today's post is the finale in my most recent trip report. It is a medley of miscellany; kind of like Thanksgiving leftovers. Once I departed Toontown, I got a few shots of the Fantasyland Theatre. Even though the fairly new show Mickey and the Magical Map was about to start, I decided to skip it. I was ready to leave the park. Too many people...too crowded...and the strollers had begun to take over.

The Carrousel was shut down in Fantasyland for a little refurb. I really like the signage that the park has been posting lately, as it gives guests something to read and learn about as far as the history of the attractions go.

It's a very nice nod to the past while they are maintaining what's behind the fence.

Here are a few celebrating the water features in the park, beginning with one of the majestic Matterhorn:

Snow White's Wishing Well was recently unveiled after a refurb.

Even though Dopey is still missing his fishing rod, I celebrate that this area is still around.

Pixie Hollow is not really something I celebrate, for the tots, it is nicely themed and allows them to meet Tinker Bell. Oh and yes...the merchandise at the end. Don't forget that.

Cruella was over at the Opera House in Town Square, signing autographs and dropping cigarette ashes on the kids. Well, not really, but if she could, that would be hilarious. Fake ashes, of course.

Mickey was also spotted wandering through Town Square.

And that is the end of probably one of my longests trip reports in history. Hope you enjoyed it, as it may be a bit before the next one.

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K. Martinez said...

I've only seen one show at the Fantasyland Theater. I think it was the Snow White 50th Anniversary show back in 1988 when the stage was still called Videopolis. With the exception of Aladdin's Musical Spectacular in DCA, I've never cared much for their stage productions.

My sister's grand daughter never showed an interest in Tinker Bell, so I've never seen Pixie Hollow except from the distance. She was more obsessed with the princesses which probably began when a sinister mind-control ray beamed down from a Disney satellite into her brain.

What a nice shot of Mickey Mouse! Thanks for the update.

K. Martinez said...

Let me clarify. I never cared for their large "Broadway" style stage productions. I love all the other live entertainment at the Park.

Anonymous said...

Dave, this has been a splendid series, thank you for visiting Disneyland when I can't, and for sharing your pictures and thoughts.

I really appreciate it.

We attended a performance at least once at the Videopolis stage, but I can't remember anything about it. I went through the summaries of past shows available on Yesterland and nothing sounded familiar. I think I was so tired that none of it penetrated. I do recall that having a seat in the shade was real treat. I have never been a big fan of musical shows, but understand now that these venues are not a complete waste of space, since they are a good spot to rest.

On another trip, my wife and daughter watched a Pocahontas show, but my son and I went off to the Space Mountain. So that was all good.


Tina said...

Your Photos are wonderful and I love your Stories. Thank you so very much for sharing. I post a lot of you photos on Pinterest and they are always repinned. Thanks again and I look forward to your next post

Daveland said...

Thanks all for the nice comments! Tina - glad you like my photos and stories; always nice to hear!

Major Pepperidge said...

It is disappointing that the park gets so incredibly crowded in the evenings. In the past it was my favorite time to be there, but now… don't even think of going to Frontierland or New Orleans Square after the fireworks. You can barely walk. I get that more people equals more money, but at some point the experience for the guest suffers. said...

Thanks for sharing the great photos and trip report! Your choices in breaking it up into the various posts worked well.