Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Trip Report: Photos from Frontierland

OK...I'd gotten my shots of the Market House Starbucks construction site, the former Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship Hook hidden in the Peter Pan exit area, assorted Storybook Land shots, and The Court of Angels. Before my friends joined up with me, I decided to use my remaining time taking a spin around the Rivers of America on the Mark Twain.

It is wonderful spending time in Frontierland when the park first opens. Typically, guests rush to Fantasyland and Tomorrowland when the rope drops, and that's just fine with me. It's pretty durn awesome to have Frontierland and New Orleans Square to myself when they are bathed in early morning sunlight. According to the display at the turnstiles, I had a bit of a wait before the Mark Twain was ready for passengers.

Sitting across the way on a bench, I had time to relax and to notice the details...while attempting to dry off from the humidity that hung over Anaheim. Have you ever read the background signs that describe the flags hanging above the dock?

I can't get enough of these edutainment details.

A genuine FauxD© shot of the dock (hope you've taken your dramamine!):

A cast member appeared and let the guests wait in the cool shade of the dock's structure.

My excitement built as I watched the riverboat round the corner and approach the dock:

This cast member did not seem to share my excitement; he just appeared rather stoic.

All aboard!

The gilded crown caps were gleaming in the sun:

I was early enough to be able to get a ride in the Wheelhouse. Once you've done that, it's difficult to ride anywhere else on the Twain.

Inside, the size of the steering wheel is very impressive (and yes, I know the Twain rides on a rail. Thank you for wanting to tell me about that).

The bell that all guests must ring on the trip:

Pulling away, the dock gets smaller...

and smaller...

The sky over Tom Sawyer's Island was a vibrant blue, with the faintest covering of lacy clouds.

The trees have grown so much over the years that they hide all of the paths that little kids can explore upon The Island.

The Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, The Columbia, and The Old Mill...this photo has a little bit of everything. Another benefit of riding up in the Wheelhouse.

The much adorned Castle Rock: proving that less is not always more.

The (former) Burning Cabin is now completely rethemed to Davy Crockett, with the Gullywhumper being the first visual evidence of the change.

As the cabin comes into view, you can hear the homespun voices of Buddy Ebsen and Fess Parker in character as George Russel and Davy Crockett.

I had never noticed just how fluid this animatronic Indian is; check him out on your next trip. It's pretty impressive.

Hidden in the trees is this (not as impressive) mechanical eagle and its young:

Back at the dock, I quickly snapped one of New Orleans Square:

and the still under construction Big Thunder Mountain:

Next up: staying cool in The Enchanted Tiki Room.

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K. Martinez said...

The animatronic Native American storyteller is technically well executed, but the whole scene feels too far away to fully appreciate it.

Yes, the mechanical eagle is a little clunky, but I still love it. All the mechanical "wildlife" from the eagle w/chicks, to the beavers, deer, moose and the rest are cool. It's very reminiscent of Nature's Wonderland.

I love your New Orleans Square shot from the Rivers of America. It's always been my favorite view of New Orleans Square. Nice update today. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

On the whole, I think the ROA updates are very satisfactory.

Changes to the Settler's Cabin are probably the best we could hope for. Eventually only the oldest oldtimers will remember Bill and his brand-new Arrow shirt.

Lucky you to ride up top. Never managed that ever.


Anonymous said...

Always enjoyed that top side view when working the MT. A whole different perspective.

SundayNight said...

Dave, check out the storyteller character at night. He casts a shadow and the effect is pretty good

Daveland said...

Thanks, K!

JG - All you have to do is ask!

Thanks for the tip, Sunday Night - I rarely ride the Twain at night, but I will definitely do it on my next trip!