Monday, September 02, 2013

Laboring Over Labor Day, Pt. 3

My final Labor Day Trilogy post shows the construction of one of my favorite areas of the park, New Orleans Square. In this June 1964 image, you can see the construction walls that went up in Frontierland to keep guests away from the commotion.

Two years earlier, guests were given their first indication of big changes when the Chicken Plantation was removed and replaced by this little stand sandwiched between the construction walls:

This aerial view is from February 22, 1966:

From the ground, you can see the framing of the Pirates attraction building as well as the other shops and stores in New Orleans Square:

The façade for Pirates of the Caribbean:

A few months before opening, the walls are still up in this January 1967 image:

Over at the Haunted Mansion, this early shot was most likely taken by a guest with long arms who was able to shoot over the construction fence. Note the workers in the lower right-hand corner:

Other than the man in the middle of this November 1962 shot, the rest of these photos are devoid of workers. Creepy!

Hope you are all enjoying your Labor Day Weekend - it's back to the grindstone tomorrow!

See more Disneyland Construction photos on my Construction web page.


K. Martinez said...

I don't remember the New Orleans Square construction zone when I visited Disneyland in 1964. My wee little kiddie brain just didn't record it for later memory recall. I do remember the empty Mansion though.

The Pirates of the Caribbean façade pic is nice! I thoroughly enjoyed your construction series. Thanks for sharing it.

JG said...

That lone figure in the photo is not a live person, he's the Ghost Host, doing an inspection for his constituents and practicing his lines for the narration.

What a huge mound of earth in those photos, undoubtedly spoils from the deep excavation under the building. Good thing the berm was a planned part of the design, otherwise the off-haul would be enormous.

@KMartinez, likewise. I do not recall the construction of NOS or the HM, although I do clearly recall seeing the HM shell completed, well before the signs advertising the upcoming attraction. I remember the family talking about what it might be, a house for Walt himself perhaps?

Dave, this has been a wonderful series. I really enjoy construction photos and there were some special views in these posts. Thank you.