Thursday, September 19, 2013

Balloons for sale

Few guests escape Disneyland without some kind of a souvenir purchase; it's the type of place that makes you want to take a piece of it home with you to remember your magical day. Balloons have been around since the beginning, and at least for a short time, make a colorful and festive remembrance of the park. This August 1962 image was taken in front of the Monsanto Hall of Chemistry in Tomorrowland. This balloon seller must be having a good day; his coin pocket is bulging full of change and his bouquet of balloons is looking sparse.

In this twilight December 1964 shot, the balloon vendor appears to be ready to finish his day.

Checking his pocket watch to see if his shift is over?

This July 1965 vendor seems a bit fresher, starting his day off crossing under the train bridge into Town Square.

Avoiding the paparazzi, this March 1975 seller looks as if he might be cold (why else would he wear a heavy coat like that in sunny Socal?).

Even balloons have gone high-tech at the park, with a Mickey head inside of another balloon.

What's your favorite souvenir at Disneyland?

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K. Martinez said...

In the old days my favorite souvenir was any kind of paper item (pictorial books, maps, postcards, park guides) related to the park. An updated "Walt Disney's Disneyland - A Pictorial Souvenir" booklet was always a guaranteed purchase on any visit to Disneyland

Nowadays, the free guides handed out at the entrance to the parks are my favorite, but I must admit I have developed a large pin collection over the past decade.

Never purchased a balloon though.

JG said...

My Dad bought me a balloon once on the way out of the Park at night, the red mouse with black ears.

It lasted until we got to our room in the Magic Lamp. I let go the string and the balloon bumped against the "popcorn" ceiling and burst.

I guess that's why it was called "popcorn" texture. I never asked for a balloon again, but they are pretty to watch.


Courtney Suzanne said...

I didn't get a balloon my first trip to Disney because my mom said it would be too difficult to take on the rides. When we took my 1-year-old son last year, we bought one of those light-up ones for him in Downtown Disney. $12!!!!! It lasted all of 2 days before it hit something and slowly started oozing air.

At least I kept the light-up part, which still works!