Thursday, September 05, 2013

Tony Curtis on the Autopia

Just when I thought my collection was complete...I acquired another still from the 1962 Tony Curtis film, "40 Pounds of Trouble." This forgotten film is mainly remembered because of an approximately 20 minute long sequence that was filmed at Disneyland. Now I have a trio of images documenting a scene where Tony Curtis is attempting to escape his captors. He hops into an Autopia vehicle...

and is then pursued:

During filming, Tony's wife, Janet Leigh, cavorted over in Storybook Land, charming the male guests that are surrounding her.

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K. Martinez said...

Yeah, I have the film "40 Pounds of Trouble" and the only thing watchable about it is the 20 minutes of footage on Disneyland. I always get a kick out of the monorail station view mix-up.

The Autopia queue awning design in the Tony Curtis image (1st pic) is probably my favorite version of all the different designs they did for that attraction.

Snow White Archive said...

I like seeing the Snow White's Adventures scene in the film too. :)

CoxPilot said...

I was standing in front of Pendleton in Frontierland when they were shooting was fun.