Sunday, September 29, 2013

Scary Mickey/Minnie Sunday

Some of my very favorite shots from the early years at the park are of the characters themselves. This is just part of my twisted personality. Not only are they fairly "off-model," but some of them look downright creepy. In the first photo, Scary Minnie has grabbed herself two young boys outside of the Wonderland Music Shop on Main Street, U.S.A., and she's not letting go until they empty their wallets. This photo is circa July 1961.

In image number two, our July 1960 Mickey character is attempting to look innocent by putting a finger to his chin. These poor innocent little girls almost seem fooled, but they do appear to be hesitant to get too close. Add smart to their other qualities! Drat that little boy who just had to race in front of the camera. I'm guessing this shot was taken somewhere near the entrance, but wouldn't bet the house on it. Anyone know for sure?

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1 comment:

Graffer said...

This was also back in the days when Mickey had a tail.
Till he realized that tails are for pulling.