Friday, July 26, 2013

More 25th Anniversary Trip Photos, June 1980

After the Skyway, our June 1980 photographer was all over the place, beginning with Casey Junior.

Less than a year old, one of the Big Thunder Mountain mine trains speeds by:

Fortunately, parts of Rainbow Ridge survived the demolition of Nature's Wonderland to grace the new Big Thunder Mountain attraction:

The tip of the Blue Bayou Restaurant sign is visible on the right side of this New Orleans Square photo:

As afternoon begins to fade to night, the pink glow of sunset peaks out behind the Mark Twain.

Over on East Center Street, the Firehouse Five entertains guests:

A vibrant Tomorrowland comes to life at night, with this image showcasing the Rocket Jets and The PeopleMover:

At the Tomorrowland Terrace, guests dance to the music of Papa Doo Run Run. I assume Shaun Cassidy is not part of this group.

The last few images show the beloved Main Street Electrical Parade.

"Baroque Howdown" is beginning to invade my brain.

Last one of the set shows the special 25th Anniversary float:

Hope you enjoyed our trip back to the 80's!

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K. Martinez said...

The image of the Rocket Jet/PeopleMover at night is nice. It's got a nice view of the Lunching Pad below it which screams for "Zoom" vision. Nice update today.

Anonymous said...

Great pics from a time when all the 'lands' had their mojo. Miss the old T-land. KS

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave that Rocket/Tomorrowland photo is flipped the opposite way. Somehow it got reversed, Matterhorn and Circlerama are supposed to be on the other side as well as the Elevator up to the Rocket Jets.

Daveland said...

I should have caught that! Thanks for letting me know. Hit refresh on your's fixed!

Anonymous said...

Good Job! Thanks, this set in particular really brings back memories during the 80's for me, thank you! --Greg

Major Pepperidge said...

These are wonderful.