Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Smelling The Roses

It was time for my car to get its annual smog check. Most people would probably hang out at a coffee shop while waiting, or perhaps go grab a bite to eat at a local bistro. Not me. In the heat of the day, I took my camera and schlepped from Park Boulevard in University Heights down Adams Avenue to Normal Heights. San Diego is a fairly large city, but becomes quite small within each of the quaint historic neighborhoods that are spread throughout its borders.

There's something different about walking on foot versus driving a route day after day. No matter how many times you may have traveled on a road by car, I guarantee you that by hoofing it, you will notice details and treasures previously passed over. Case in point. Even though I lived in University Heights for two years, I had never really noticed these birds on top of the University Heights neon sign (not seen in photo below, as they exist on the extreme left and right sides of the sign).

These elephant heads on the top of Small Bar on Park Boulevard are so wacky; especially the one with the silver-starred eyes.

This pillar of river rock on Adams Avenue commemorates the Trolley Station/Barn that used to reside here. Today, it is a large park area with a scenic view of the freeway at the furthest edge.

All County Fire on Adams Avenue services fire extinguishers. I don't know much else about it, but I sure do love the Mondrian-style color squares on its fa├žade.

As it is with all neon signs, this one hanging over Adams Avenue welcoming guests to Normal Heights looks much better at night. Unfortunately, the service of my car occurred during the day.

This terrazzo flooring can be found in front of the Discount Fabric store, which was once called the Adams Avenue Theatre. This beautiful deco design is one of the few remnants that tells shoppers here about the original tenant.

This vintage pharmaceutical sign hangs above a new bar on Adams Avenue called Polite Provisions. Note to myself: come back at night when the sign is lit.

I have always wished I was loaded so I could buy a Spanish-style apartment like the Alta Canada complex on Adams Avenue. I have no idea what the individual apartments look like on the inside, but the outside has been very well-maintained. Designed by Master architect Allen H. Hilton, they have always been a fave of mine.

This wacky structure on Adams and Boundary is known as the Triangle Building. I noticed two birds on top of the signage as I was approaching it.

When I moved in for a closeup, one bird had already flown the coup, proving that if you wait too long, life will often pass you by. Thanks for that important life lesson, Ferris!

Just in time to pick up my car (which mercifully passed!), I was back to where I started. My last shot for the day was of a local watering hole, The Lancers.

I hope you enjoyed my obscure photographic tour of San Diego—and be sure to stop (or at least slow down) and smell the roses whenever you get the chance!

See more vintage & current San Diego photos on my San Diego web pages.


K. Martinez said...

I haven't been in these neighborhoods since the early 80s when I used to do extensive walking around these areas. While it does look somewhat different, it seems like the neighborhood has still retained its charm.

I always enjoy your occasional break away from Disneyland articles. Thanks for the providing the variety. Nice photographic images as usual.

Major Pepperidge said...

I lived in San Diego all too briefly when I was a kid (Navy dad, so...), but I remember being very happy there.

Anonymous said...

Funny I live nearby and failed to notice many of the art treasures you posted. Thanks for sharing