Saturday, July 06, 2013

Rock in Malibu

Oh how things have changed. Today, celebrities do their best to avoid the paparazzi, especially when they are exercising. In this 1955 photo shot by Bob Beerman for Modern Screen Magazine, movie star Rock Hudson is actually cooperating with the photographer and allowing his photo to be taken. This is not so much a spontaneously captured moment, but rather a staged situation that the movie studios helped to arrange. Back in the day, it all worked pretty smoothly. The movie studios allowed the magazines and photographers access to the stars as long as what was published was flattering. Everybody was a winner.

Here Rock poses with his dog, who seems to be worn out from all the running.

Once the studio system ended, the stars were on their own. Privacy became a thing of the past.

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K. Martinez said...

Speaking of the stars and their privacy have you seen this video Dave?

"Labor Day 1965 at Rock Hudson's House" link

This is one of several from "Roddy McDowall's Home Movies Collection". It's kind of fun to spot the movie stars when watching.

Daveland said...

Now all we need is someone to read the lips and synch some dialogue! Those are great!