Saturday, July 27, 2013

Winery Rounds

I'll admit it. I don't know diddly about wines. Sure, I know how you are supposed to hold the glass and what gives the wine its flavor, but other than that...just call me a blank slate. I either like it when I taste it or I don't. Over seven years ago, I was dining at Napa Rose and tried a Cabernet by Silver Oak Winery. It was love at first sip. I can't recall another wine that tasted so good to smooth...each and every time (just had a glass last night as a matter of fact!).

On my recent trip to the Russian River Valley, it was great to be able to visit the Winery. We immediately headed towards the tasting room, located in a huge (but fairly unimaginative) building.

I did my best to make this place look interesting, but it had all the charm of a tract home.

The fountain sounded good on this particularly scorching day, but didn't do much to cool me off.

The interior was nice enough, but had the bland appearance of something done on an HGTV decorating show.

But let's be real; I wasn't there for the architecture or the design; it was about tasting (and buying) the wine, and in that arena, Silver Oak didn't disappoint. Still, after a few tastes, I decided to branch away from the group and shoot a few photos in the vineyards. My camera was needing some attention!

This statue was near the entrance:

It was nothing really remarkable to me, until I wandered around to the side. I sure did love the expressive eyes on the rabbit!

If you've ever seen a bottle of Silver Oak wine, you'll recognize the structure in the background of this photo:

A shot of the grapes themselves:

By this time, the heat had gotten to me. I was sweating all over my camera. I knew exactly how Lucy felt.

In honor of Disney's August 6th release of the 1973 animated classic "Robin Hood" for the first time on Blu-ray, I am presenting these bonus clips for your enjoyment.

I've Been Robbed:

Love Conquers All:

Phoney King of England:


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Anonymous said...

I remember Silver Oak long ago when it was starting out. Run by a couple of guys who were previously fishermen in Alaska (as I recall)and who were there in the little winery tasting room. Good wine then, good wine now. They have done well since that day.


Darryl said...

Shock beyond shock!...I though for sure you would visit Silverado Vineyards ;-)

Daveland said...

Darryl - Had I been in control of the itinerary, believe me...I would have gone there!