Monday, July 01, 2013

Trains, Monsters, and Pasta

Welcome to the Hollywood Studios at Disney California Adventure! On display at the gate to this part of the park was a train from "The Lone Ranger." I assumed it was part of the movie premiere that occurred on June 22.

I'm not sure what will happen to it once the photo opportunities are over, but I kept thinking that it sure would be cool if DCA had its own train...or if the Disneyland route was able to be expanded to encompass both parks.

Walt's original statement about Disneyland when he was concepting it was that he wanted a train to go around it...that was probably one of the most specific statements that he made in the early discussion stages.

Something about the movement of the train at Disneyland seems to bring it all together, as it circles around each themed area. That kind of movement is still missing from DCA. Sure, it is much improved since Buena Vista and Cars Land were added over a year ago, but having a transportation source that touches each area would bring both unification and a sense of movement. Just a thought...albeit a very expensive one.

I am sure I don't need to point out the not-so-hidden Mickey here.

Venturing through the gate, I came across the empty Mad T Party set, which appeared to be waiting for nightfall.

Just in time for a little movie promoting, Sully was making the rounds outside of the Monsters, Inc. attraction.

A few shots of the exterior of the attraction:

And then it's time to board our vehicle to take a spin through the attraction.

Going through the dark corridor where the news bulletin alerts us that there's a problem in Monstropolis.

A romantic date is about to go awry.

What Gladys Kravitz would look like if she lived in Monstropolis.

I wonder if Harvey "I'm A Lawyer" Levin was on the scene?

The entrance to Harryhausen's Restaurant.

In the early days, I seem to remember the aroma of food being pumped into this scene. Am I off my rocker?

I'd hate to see this restaurant's reviews on Yelp.


The CDA is now on the scene, attempting to do damage control.

Had to zoom in to get a closer look at the "Wanted!" cards in his hand.

Another day at the factory...punch in...punch out.

Mike Wazowski, who is worried about the box office returns of "Monsters University;" he really shouldn't be.

I believe this stall is taken.

The Teamsters should be happy about this one.

Don't flip that switch!

My favorite scene of this attraction, and about the only one that really has a sense of excitement.

The doors weren't appearing at a very fast clip.

To give this attraction a little more life, there should be more doors opening and closing with the comedy-bit videos to bump up the energy level.

The Monsters Inc. version of "Make it pink...make it blue!"

Mike rejoices..."Monsters University" has earned a return on its investment!

Kitty says goodbye.

And so does Roz, who loved having her photo taken.

Lunch was at the Paradise Pier Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta.

The carbs really hit the spot after all the walking done that day.

Overall, it was a really fun time. In early, out early...a perfect summer visit. By the time I left, the temps were up and so were the crowds. A little shopping at World of Disney on the way out:

As the tram rounded the corner, I knew it was definitely time to head home.

Until next time!

See more Monsters Inc., Mike & Sully To The Rescue attraction photos on my Monsters, Inc. web page.


Major Pepperidge said...

Thanks for all the Monsters Inc. pix, I have a soft spot for any dark ride; plus I had forgotten how many nice sculptures of various characters were in it!

K. Martinez said...

I always thought it would've been cool if they put a Santa Fe Streamliner train on the same scale as Disneyland Railroad going around DCA. It would've been a hark back to the Disneyland-Santa Fe relationship.

Also the Warbonnet Diesel locos would've been a nice contrast to Disneyland's Steam Locos. They could've had two trains; 'Super Chief' and El Capitan'. I can dream can't I?

Matt G. said...

K. Martinez, I like your thinking! A streamliner in Warbonnet would be awesome in DCA.

Daveland said...

I second the Warbonnet idea; if Major approves, I know it will happen!