Saturday, July 20, 2013

Trip to Guerneville

The trip that took me to Bodega Bay and Santa Rosa was centered around Guerneville. If you've never heard of it, you're not alone. Located in the Russian River Valley, Guerneville has been a favorite vacation spot for San Franciscans since the 19th century. This historic bridge from 1922 is a scenic way for pedestrians to enter the quaint downtown.

If you require a lot of activity, top notch restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife, Guerneville is not the city for you. For those seeking a little rest and relaxation in a natural setting, then you might have found your personal Utopia.

The Creekside Inn is a great location, only blocks from the Main Street and less than three miles from the Redwoods.

To avoid previous flooding, the "cabins" are on concrete pillars.

A central courtyard comes complete with barbecue facilities, making this an ideal village for families and reunions.

I loved passing this tree-canopied creek next to the Inn. You rarely see this many trees together in Southern California.

There are a number of old-fashioned little churches in town:

If you miss the call of the big city, there's even some old-fashioned glowing neon:

I had a very relaxing time here, especially during my time in the Redwoods (stay tuned for tomorrow's post!), but can't really recommend any of the restaurants in town. I would probably choose a return visit to Cambria before I thought about a second trip here.

See more Guerneville photos on my Guerneville web page.


K. Martinez said...

Back in the late 1970s I had a few friends who loved vacationing in Guerneville, so I'm familiar with it in terms of hearing a lot about it, but have never been there myself. I'm more a fan of the Mother Lode Country.

As far as Cambria goes, I've been there many times, but have grown tired of it recently for some reason. Probably time to explore other places.

Mike, Studio City said...

We have been in these areas many times. Great memories, great places. Mike and Glenn

Irene said...

Back in 1958 our family took a driving vacation up the coast as far the Redwoods. The Motel we stayed at (sorry, can't remember the name or if it even still exists) was for sale at the time. My Dad loved it there and was interested in buying it and moving us up there. I'm guessing my Mother talked him out of it! I wonder how different my life would have been if we had moved up there.

SG Marin said...

I grew up as a "river rat" child along the Russian River, as my family had a summer home in Northwood. My mom owned a resort and bar/restaurant @ Vacation Beach in Guerneville. If anyone has photo's taken from the 1950's or 1960's of summer life at Vacation Beach from back in the day, could you please post them to the Russian River Historical Society or send them to the Guerneville Chamber of Commerce, for posting.

The three "name" resorts at Vacation Beach back in those days, now long gone,
were as follows:

Aldo's Resort @ Vacation Beach, The Liki Tiki, chow and grog)--a delightful

Polynesian themed bar/restaurant with an adjoining 12 cabin resort for families,

and of course, the ole stalwart on located on Orchard Ave, The Russian River Inn,

complete with a colorful cocktail neon sign atop the roof. It was visible from

Highway 116 across the river.

You would bring back such "memories that linger"....for all of us that lived and experienced this delightful family enclave, back in the day along the "river".

Unknown said...

SG Marin, you sure brought back memories. I used to tell my husband about the Liki Tiki. I was little but remember all the tiki's and colorful lighting. Back in the late 80's or early 90's, my husband and I drove down Neeley and there was a truck and it was loading all the tiki's from the bar. After describing the place for years, it was great to see those tiki's. Sad that I can find no photo's of this place online. Remember Aldo's and the RR Inn.
Patti Lopez