Thursday, July 18, 2013

POTC Journey, December 1982

Back to Disneyland! Today is a vintage December 1982 journey through the New Orleans Square attraction Pirates of the Caribbean. First up is a shot of the not-so-fortunate "wenches" who pale in comparison to the infamous red-headed wench.

And how they looked 40 years later in 2012:

The lusty onlookers across the way, circa 1982:

Still slobbering in this 2007 shot:

This is one of the most controversial pirates. As seen here, he is holding the slip and slipper of a maiden who is hiding in a barrel. In 1997, he was given a turkey leg instead, as some felt his lewd and lascivious nature was offensive.

Today, the turkey leg has been switched out for a map and treasure key, and Jack Sparrow is the one hiding in the barrel.

Very few changes for this trio of pirates who have been locked behind bars, with a pooch as their jailer.

Still hoping to get those keys, 51 years later in 2013.

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MRaymond said...

I hated it when Political Correctness wiped out my favorite pirate. All he wanted was a little tail and he was willing to share, he was.

stu29573 said...

Sorry, but the Jack in the barrel scene doent play nearly as funny as the wench in a barrel.......

K. Martinez said...

"Still slobbering". Too funny! I like your captions.

I find the toning down of this attraction offensive. I'll take lewd and lascivious pirates over political correctness any day.

Happy 58th to Disneyland!

Anonymous said...

I remember Dad chuckling at the pirate with the petticoat. I doubt that Mom was amused.

Sad that this has been changed, what do people expect them to do? They're PIRATES! And they did have the "reverse is fair play" scene with the girl chasing the pirate...

Although to be fair, while the theme song has a lot about pillaging and igniting, it never mentions the "r" word. A wink maybe, but never a nod.