Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Quiet Harbor

There are very few quiet spots left at Disneyland; I consider Fowler's Inn/Harbor to be one of my very favorite. When the park is swarming with thousands of guests, you can still break away from the masses in this charming little section on the border of New Orleans Square and Critter Country. In shot one for today, from August 1955, the Inn is just a structure. No signage, no frills, no nothing. Built as a service area for the Mark Twain, it originated from a request by Admiral Joe Fowler himself. Zooming in for a closer look:

Two colorful 1950's shots, showing just how undeveloped this area was; no Haunted Mansion. No Splash Mountain. Only a path to the Indian Village.

This June 1959 shot shows how this area became very handy for the Columbia, which debuted a year earlier:

You can see the sign for Mauri's Lobster Dinners:

Even the Keelboats have been serviced here:

Lots of signage in this closeup: Bait & Tackle, Boats Rigging, Mauri's...

A side view from January 1960:

A few contemporary shots to round out this post. Still charming. Still detailed. I love it.

What's your favorite quiet spot at Disneyland?

See more vintage & current Disneyland Fowler's Harbor photos on my Fowler's Harbor web page.


K. Martinez said...

My favorite quiet spot is a bench next to the "This Way To Tomorrowland" portal in the castle courtyard. Not too many people loiter there so it's nice to sit there and rest while watching the world go by.

Anonymous said...

The areas around the Snow White Grotto are my favorites, but I also like the deck of the Burger Bar in Bear Country (can't recall the name), these tables have a nice view of the River and are cool and shady in the summer.


Darryl said...

Well, if I mentioned it, it would no longer be quiet!