Sunday, July 28, 2013

Working Nine to Five

"9 to 5" (1980) is one of those comic gems that you can watch over and over again. It has all of the elements that I love in a movie: a tight script, fab casting, and laughs that continue to build as the plot progresses. Dolly Parton burst onto the screen with her typical charm, making a very impressive film debut that catapulted her into the number one spot for Female Box Office Draw of 1981-1982.

Take a look at the office equipment on Dolly's desk:

At times, "9 to 5" seems a bit dated, as (thankfully) women have come a long way in the business world since this movie was made. On the flip side, the antiquated machinery adds a bit of nostalgia while the film shows us just how far equality has progressed in the last 30+ years.

When the three girls forge a friendship and join forces in a dive bar, the film really starts to hum.

Fonda steals the show as scorned housewife Judy; her progression from scared and flustered secretary to confident independent businesswoman is totally believable.

I was able to catch one of the initial performances of the stage musical version back in 2008; although enjoyable, without the original cast of Parton, Tomlin, Fonda, and Dabney Coleman, it lost a lot of its punch. Over the years, the three lead actresses have mentioned their interest in doing a sequel...oh the possibilities!

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Mr. Tiny said...

I love this movie even though I've been accused of being a "Sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot." I've never been a Jane Fonda fan, but the casting, including Dabney Coleman, is perfection!