Friday, April 12, 2013

I said Asheville, Not Nashville, Pt. 2

When I knew I was going to Asheville for a conference, I was most excited about getting to see the George Vanderbilt estate, The Biltmore. It definitely, did not disappoint!

Obviously, from this panorama shot that I took, the sheer size of the property will bowl you over.

Having lived in southern california for the last 14 years, I often forget that there still exists undeveloped land where trees and wildlife are still in abundance. Even harder to believe that this is all part of a private estate.

Drawing in a bit closer, I also enjoyed all of the architectural details that were in abundance:

I only had two disappointments, with the first being that I couldn't take photos inside. Oh how painful that was!

The other was that I was probably about a week or two premature to being able to see the property in full springtime bloom. Going through the Conservatory on the grounds helped alleviate that particular issue.

I could only begin to imagine owning such an estate; I just felt fortunate that the family has taken such good care of it and opened it up to the public. What a national treasure!

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Hugs said...

So lovely.

K. Martinez said...

Maybe it's my system, but I can't seem to enlarge any of these images for closer viewing. Otherwise the estate looks incredible.

Daveland said...

K. - Fixed! Thanks for letting me know.

Major Pepperidge said...

It ain't much, but it's home.

Daveland said...

Major - You made me laugh today! The funny thing is, this place wasn't even their main residence! It was a vacation home. Unbelievable!

K. Martinez said...

Dave - No problem and thanks for fixing it. Wow!! What a beautiful estate. I'll definitely have to look around online to see some interior pics. Thanks for posting!