Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Like Disneyland, October 1958

These two adorable tots are enjoying a day at Disneyland, circa October 1958, posing next to Walt's special Autopia vehicle. Zooming in, you can see their "I Like Disneyland" buttons.

I BELIEVE this car at the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco is the same one shown in the previous shots.

The Alice in Wonderland attraction had opened four months previous to these shots being taken, and it was being promoted all over Tomorrowland.

Alice is sandwiched between Kansas and Oregon at the Tomorrowland entrance, with the Monsanto House of the Future in the background:

See more vintage & current Tomorrowland photos on my Tomorrowland web page.


K. Martinez said...

Cute kids! Wasn't there an "I Like Disneyland" style Tinker Bell button that added "I Tink It's Great!"?

Major Pepperidge said...

I love seeing those "flicker" buttons on the kids!

K. Martinez, is right, the Tinker Bell button flashed the words, "I Tink It's Great" (and of course the "I Like Disneyland" button flashed Mickey's portrait).

Snow White Archive said...

The kids look adorable, though mom appears to be a little displeased with her day at the park.

On another note, I'm very impressed with the knowledge your readers bring to each post. Well done K. and Major.

Daveland said...

I feel like I have a Cabinet of Top-Notch advisors! Thanks all!

JG said...

@Major P & K Martinez:

I knew it the moment I saw that photo of those darling kids. I had the Mickey button, I remembered it was a "flashing" button, but couldn't recall the message. When I saw the Tinkerbell button on the little girl, it all came back in a flash.

I wish I still had that button, but I remember throwing it out when cleaning up my old room. Sigh, you can't keep everything, I guess.

@SWA, the collective power of mutual memories is pretty amazing. One of the best reasons to hang out here.

Dave, thanks for the photos and the memories.