Thursday, April 04, 2013

Cast Member Shenanigans, Summer of '82 Finale!

It's a sad day for fans of my Cast Member Shenanigans series, as I post my last shots from this batch. Most of these appear to be a backstage area/breakroom.

These next two shots show what would appear to be two pencil-pushers.

According to the urban dictionary, a pencil pusher is:

Someone who works in an incredibly boring job. Most likely the person themselves also exudes extreme boringness. I.e. an accountant, or one whose job is meaningless, and invites people that have no personalities to join and TALK.

Not wanting to leave you in total boredom, I am throwing in a few shots from Bill H.'s archives showing a refurbishment of the trolley tracks on Main Street from 1982.

Can you imagine a construction project at Disneyland today with flimsy barriers like these? Somebody...please! Call legal IMMEDIATELY!



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K. Martinez said...

That 2nd pic's a hoot! I really enjoyed the CM Shenanigans series. Thanks for posting it.

Scarlett | Disney Wonderland said...

I've only just found this series - love it, looking forward to reading back over all the posts xx

Anonymous said...

This was a fun series, seeing the costumes from that time, again. I worked there that summer, but WAY behind the scenes in the kitchen for the Inn Between and Plaza Inn.

Lizzie said...
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Lizzie said...

I love the Cast Member series! :) I always enjoy a behind-the-scenes look of my favorite park. Thanks!

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