Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Cast Member Shenanigans, Summer of '82 Pt. 3

Today's cast member fun begins with this beautiful portrait of Chris. Photo two is of a female cast member who most likely worked on Space Mountain.

I wonder if these sunglasses were regulation or if Kimberly is just going rogue.

A pensive moment at the Autopia:

Pole-dancing lessons perhaps?

Keith is working on his best modeling pose:

A helpful cast member, assisting guests into the vehicle:

It's all fun and games until somebody gets run over!

This cast member looks as if she just stepped out of a Twisted Sister video:

Is this cast member reverting back to an ape? The posturing of her arm would make one think so.

There you go...much better. Turn on that Disneyland Cast Member charm!

"Hello, my name is Dave. Please look at my name tag."

Yes, the blonde is sure cute, but for a true Disneyland geek, the eyeballs will gravitate towards the Pluto tag on the gentleman's shirt:

Zooming in, does anyone know what this signifies?

Hello, Sheila! Could she have been the inspiration for the song by Ready for the World?

Can't read the name tag. Boring sunglasses. Not even looking at the camera. Next...

Need a repair on your car? Bob is the man:

Something tells me that hitchhiking is only allowed at The Haunted Mansion. Bad cast member!

See more vintage & current Disneyland Autopia photos on my Autopia web page.


K. Martinez said...

The images and your captions just keep getting better and better with this CM series. Really enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

Pluto man didn't feel like taking his passport out for every ride, so he pinned it to his shirt. This was back in the pre-lanyard days.

Anonymous said...

What do I notice here? CM's with a "squeaky clean" appearance, and physically fit to boot.

Matt said...

I remember when they first came out with the all inclusive passports, they had a slip on the ticket to slip it through a button on your shirt when you still had to show them. This was all when they also still had the A-E tickets.

Anonymous said...

These are fun, thanks.


Ben Myers said...

Ah, the glory days of the classic Mickey nametag. It was in use for 23 years! The cast in today's pictures are wearing the first generation, in use from May 1978 to 1985. The second generation was in use from 1987 (after the 30th anniversary ended) up to 1994 when the 40th anniversary. The third generation was from 1996 to early 2001 when the new tags for Disney California Adventure came out. I will stop boring you all with pointless Disney archaeology.


Dave: Fun shots. This was a greeat last hooray for original Disneyland--2 years later the evil Eisner regime would begin -- jkilling Discovery Bay and two neverbuilt New Tomorrowlands. Also The quality of many employees would never be the same after Eisner took controll.

Matt is right--I remember during this time the unlimited passport - it allowed you to go on all Disneyland attractions (except arcades and shootin' galleries!!) as amny times as you'd like. AND the A -E tickets were still being used for a short time longer. Our passport would be attatched to our wrists with red string and would be clamped tight with a small metal clamp-clasp. My passort would be a curve to it because of it being caught under my hand with grasping a handrail.