Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Suzy’s Tour: June 1968

Our tour guide today through the past is Suzy, and she looks like she means business. One sassy word out of you and she’ll thwack you with her riding crop. Be sure to note the Rolly Crump Ticket Booth behind Suzy in shot 1 & 2. And so that you don’t think I’m psychic, I have included the close-up of Suzy’s name tag (this is one name I haven’t pulled out of my....)

If you didn’t get enough Matterhorn yesterday, here are two that show the square-bucket design Skyway floating over the submarine lagoon & Monorail Station. I have included a closeup of the daring 3 men climbing the venerable mountain. Judging by the crowds in this shot, looks like it was a pretty full day; good thing we have No-Nonsense-Suzy to cut through the herds.

One more Tomorrowland shot for today; the Rocket Jets really are majestic atop the PeopleMover; their ground level location today is just not quite as impressive.

In the meantime, let’s board the Fred Gurley in Tomorrowland and go to out next destination at Disneyland, which will have to wait until tomorrow.

See more vintage & current Tomorrowland photos at my website. Here are more Disney publicity stills pointing out the comparisons between Classic Disney flicks & “Enchanted”:


Major Pepperidge said...

3 guys on the mountain, I've never seen that before! Always like the tour guides with those riding crops too. "I told you stupid people to be QUIET!!!". *whack*

Kevin Kidney said...

Scooch over a bit, Suzy. You're blocking my view of that incredible ticket booth!

And Dave, thanks for the Silver Banjo BBQ sauce recipe. Jody and I are going to make some and try it out!