Saturday, March 22, 2008

Junior Autopia, 1956

Although this slide has undergone some of the magenta color shift, it’s a beautiful image of the Junior Autopia from 1956. Note the lack of guard rail down the center; what a crazy did the little varmints survive without it?!? To the left are the Mickey Mouse Club Circus tents, sans the MMCC. By this time, only Professor Keller and his Killer Kitties were still performing there. Thanks to Jason from Progressland for helping to identify the year and location of this slide.

See more vintage & current Autopia photos at my website.

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Jason Schultz said...

Dave, as I was just brushing up on The Nickel Tour last night, I think I can provide a definitive answer. This photograph is of the Junior Autopia mid-1956. In the background is the largest circus tent in the world, but at this time only Professor Keller and his felines were performing there. The sign is telling taller people that they shouldn't waste their time here. Absolutely great photograph!

Major Pepperidge said...

Yes, definitely Junior Autopia! That is a FANTASTIC photo, nice and sharp. Notice the circus carts, barely visible behind the striped blue and white tent... I believe these were from the "Toby Tyler" movie.

Unknown said...

I grabbed my E-Ticket about the Autopia and saw a similar picture...but Progressland beat me to the punch!

Great shots...