Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Disneyland, October 1966 Pt. 7

Our October 1966 post today features the Rivers of America; the mighty waters that has both the Mark Twain and the Columbia. The first shot is Fowler’s Inn/Harbor, where both ships dock when they’re not circling Tom Sawyer Island. Nearby is the Indian Village, which was replaced by Bear Country and then (groaning as I say it) Critter Country:

#3 is the dock where you can find passage on both vessels:

Speak of the Devil...here’s the Columbia and one of the Keel Boats at the Dock, just waiting for guests to board:

I think I’ll wait for the Mark Twain, which is just coming around the bend:

As the Twain starts on its journey, we can see New Orleans Square and Tom Sawyer’s Island:

As we get closer to the Old Mill, let’s get a closer look at it and zoom in on that signage:

Tomorrow, we’ll continue our trip along the Rivers of America. See more vintage & current Rivers of America photos at my website.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Thanks to your 2nd photo, I now know that a picture I posted a while ago IS of Disneyland (I thought that it might be Walt Disney World)!

Unknown said...

I can't wait for my first visit to the Pirate, er, Tom Sawyer Island!