Friday, March 21, 2008

Souvenir Photos & Holders

The original group of passenger cars at Disneyland was dubbed “RETLAW 1” (spell it backwards and then you won’t have to ask “Where did that name come from?!?”). By the 70’s, these passenger cars were not in great shape and were barely being run at all. Although these cars were retired and eventually left the hands of Disney (now in a private collection in San Luis Obispo), one car (formerly known as the Grand Canyon), was converted into the VIP car “The Lilly Belle.” Photo 1 shows the original Retlaw 1 Grand Canyon car in 1955, and shot #2 is a contemporary view of it as the Lilly Belle.

Originally, the Lilly Belle was used only by VIP’s, and guests rarely were allowed to ride on it. However, for us common folk, we could have our picture taken on a recreation of the back of the Lilly Belle, and dress up in vintage costume. Here’s a souvenir photo from 1979, along with the decorative logo from photo holder.

As an extra bonus, here is a Splash Mountain souvenir photo along with the accompanying photo holder art. As I have said before, it amazes me that Disney celebrates a movie (“Song of the South”) with an attraction, but feels it can no longer show it.

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Jason Schultz said...

That's a real nice shot of the Grand Canyon car in the station. The bunting all around is great, too... I just wish somebody would come by to pick up the trash!

Major Pepperidge said...

Ha ha, that lady near the back of the Splash Mountain log has a priceless expression!

Wonder what happened to that beautiful painting of the Grand Canyon? Hopefully it survives somewhere.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Finally a get to see one of those 8 x 10 Polaroid’s photo's the advertised the heck out of on the back of the Guide books! I didn't know the put the guest in costume, how cool. Hey the photo help up well for 29 years, better than my sx-70 Polaroid pics.

Trips me out about "Song of the South" too. I bet 90% of the young people who ride Splash have no idea who these folks are!

Just like when I was in line at Pirates on its 41st anniversary, not only did no one know about the anniversary, some kid thought they opened Pirates after the first movie came out, Yikes!

Neat post, thanks! Hey, where did you get the Lilly Belle Photo? Neato cover it came in!

Anonymous said...

In San Luis Opisbo we have 4 of the 5 cars Disney doesn't own. One is still owned by the Norad family who we purchased the 4 from. The artwork most likely got painted over. The cars are made of plywood