Wednesday, March 12, 2008

60's Stylin' Tour Guide: The Finale

I couldn’t say "Grand Finale" because these pictures just aren't grand, however, this is a nice one of Miss Wholesome, 1960’s, sitting along the banks of the Rivers of America. Behind her we can see the edge of the Haunted Mansion, a Keelboat, the Columbia, and Pirate’s Lair...oops, I mean Tom Sawyers Island. I never can seem to remember that feller's name. 2 shots of the Jungle Cruise elephant pool round out this series:

As a little bonus, I just received this shot from the Devlin Collection (many more from that in the future), which is from April 1981. Pretty much the same area I photographed last week that MIGHT be showing a few signs of life...or at least a little electricity.

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Major Pepperidge said...

I wonder if the cave is complete, it just looks like a mine that is waiting for the miner's to show up (although I would love it if it got something cool added).

Unknown said...


We all stopped and stared at the lights in the cave on Sunday evening. I explained to the group that it was part of the Mine Train ride.

They were in awe that a piece of an attraction was still left in place.

I was too...