Tuesday, March 11, 2008

60's Stylin' Tour Guide, Pt. 2

Our wholesome 60’s model wannabe is back today, showing us the wonders of “It’s A Small World.” Admittedly, it is an attraction that I avoid, but I sure do appreciate its crazy color palette and the attraction exterior; probably one of the most lavish of any building in the park. Every home with children should get one of these clocks...how to make learning to tell time more fun.

Our little miss demanded a closeup after going through this attraction:

To wrap up for today, I give you 2 shots of the Chicken of the Sea Skull Rock area; one with our miss, and for those of you that aren’t enamored with her and the vintage Disneyland shopping bag that she is carrying, I also give you one that she graciously stepped aside for:

See more vintage & current Fantasyland photos at my main website. Check out Jim Hill’s website today; he points out recycling at its best over at DCA’s “Monsters Inc.” attraction.


Major Pepperidge said...

Have you heard about the upcoming changes to some of the scenes in IASW? I am surprised how pissed off I am about the careless way that this classic attraction is being treated, all in the name of change. Not improvement, just change.

Daveland said...

I don't really understand the changes for a ride that is still jam-packed in attendance. I do understand the need for "plussing" the show, but perhaps they could do something that would keep more in the spirit of the attraction. I think the Disney characters added to it will be too jarring alongside the regulars; at least that's how it looks to me when viewing the attraction at the other theme parks that have already instituted this change. However...has it officially been announced that Disney characters will be added or is that just the rumor mill stage right now?

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hi Dave,

Great post, she is "purity" Every shot she's in looks like an ad for something nice and soft :-) Neat series, awesome skull rock photo!

As to IASM; I agree with what you & Major said. Leave it alone, Walt didn't want Mickey in there or he woulda done it! Inasmuch as I share your less than loving feeling for the ride and song, this was Walt and Mary Blair's vision, it's remained constant for 43 year now, its "Vintage" and has become “Art Work” (love it or hate it).

I am very curious to see what happens. I have heard nothing official. I was at DL yesterday and asked a CM and she knew of no such thing (like she'd tell me anyway!). BTW it was Beautiful day at the park, not too crowded and I only had my foot run over once by a Mega-Stroller from hell, that thing was bigger than a Honda!

Major Pepperidge said...

Well, it is (as far as I know) just in the "rumor" stage, although apparently there are a lot of signs that the changes are for real. I don't like the idea of the Disney characters being added, but what's worse is the idea of removing some of the best Mary Blair designed stuff (the whole Polynesian scene in particular) in order to put in a scene as a tribute the the USA. Based on the artwork that I've seen (in photos) at the Paris park, ay caramba! That stuff is just awful.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the Small World purists - leave it alone. The rumored changes don't do anything to plus the attraction - all they do is ruin the theme and Mary Blair's excellent work. Might as well just paint over her Tomorrowland murals...wait a minute.

As for our tour guide miss - she's dressed much as my mother was the first time we went to Disneyland in 1966. That was one of the first times I can remember being so excited that I couldn't stand still - I remember waiting in line to by tickets and the monorail going overhead...I think as a six year old, I swooned.

But that's another story - as for our tour guide, I wonder what's in the vintage shopping bag? :)

Unknown said...

Dave--IASW looks the same!


I plead the 5th.