Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wise Guy(s) Hits Disneyland, May 1959

This guy is straight out of Wise Guys; I believe he was sent from Vegas to check out the architectural styles at Disneyland for a new hotel that his boss was going to build. He looks extremely uncomfortable in his suit jacket & pants; he probably ate a turkey leg and too many churros...or maybe it’s because his fly is unzipped. Hey, it could also be the stroller be the judge. It does seem that he’s found what he’s looking for at the Monsanto Home of the Future...he’s much more relaxed and almost breaking into a smile. However, when he goes back to Vegas to tell his boss that the future is plastics, his boss tells him to "fuggedaboutit."

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Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Well, that's an interesting photo. Tony does look uncomfortable in that suit, of course the guy pushing the stroller doesn't look exactly "at ease" either ` weird photo! But he does look better by the HOTF, maybe that darn "casino" jacket was too tight????

Thanks Dave!

Unknown said...

Imagine all of the different people that have posed in front of the castle...

Maybe he was hoping to land a part in Disneyland's new land: Da Bronx!