Friday, April 10, 2009

Burly Women Go to Disneyland, September 1957, pt. 1

They’re big...they’re burly...they play sports...and they’re staying at the Disneyland Hotel! Other than the fact that these fun images are from September 1957, I don’t know a durn thing about ’em. Some female sports team in Anaheim, and some very fun views of an extremely undeveloped Anaheim!

That laundry cart in the background definitely makes for bad show!

All the other guests cleared out for these girls; too intimidating!

I’m sure someone out there knows what building is being framed in the background of this photo:

You haven’t seen the last of these gals yet! See more vintage & current Disneyland Hotel photos at my regular website.


Major Pepperidge said...

So great! Could they be roller derby chicks? If only we could find out more!!

Chris Jepsen said...

The 1957 National Women's Softball Tournament was held in Buena Park and Anaheim that September. And those look like 1950s softball uniforms to me.

Of course, both our famous local teams - the Buena Park Lynx and the Orange Lionettes - were in the tournament. But neither had a reason to stay at a hotel.

But teams came from all over the country to compete, including the Betsy Ross Rockets of Fresno (who won that year), the Phoenix Ramblers (who came in second), and the delightfully named Raybestos Brakettes of Stratford, CT.

Perhaps someone with a better knowledge of sports history can identify the uniform.

TokyoMagic! said...

That second to the last photo shows power lines, as well as the towers that held those lines. Can we assume that those are the lines that used to go over the DL parking lot? Maybe that would offer a clue as to where the photo was taken and what the construction is in the background. Did the power lines go over the hotel property, or did they just pass by at the southern edge of the property?

Great photos and great tease. Looking forward to seeing more of these gals!

PTA Transit Authority said...
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Davelandweb said...

Chris - how did I know that you'd pull through? Many thanks for the info!

PTA Transit Authority said...

Very cool pics Dave. Excellent OC history Chris. Great bit of research.

walterworld said...

I'd guess that the 'under construction' building in the background of the last three shots is the 'Wanderlust Motel' which once stood where the Paradise Pier (former Emerald/Pan Pacific) Hotel now stands. The power lines make sense if that's the case.

Nice post Dave!

Anonymous said...

Apparently, there was woman's fast-pitch softball team from Indianapolis called the Anchorettes ( The era may be about right.