Monday, February 08, 2021

Monday on the Island

You were probably thinking about a tropical island. Not here at Daveland; instead, let’s visit Tom Sawyer’s Island. There’s so much more to do there. In this 1958 image, you can zoom in and see guests actually fishing at Disneyland…for real live fish! Just stick that in your purse until we get home, mom.

Another detailed view shows guests on the raft that transported them back to the Park.

One year earlier in December 1957 shows a Keel Boat on the left…

and guests paddling a canoe. Chop, chop! You’ve got to get all the way around the Island, folks!

Also from the same December 1957 photographer comes this second view of the Island showing the fishing pier…

and Tom and Huck’s Tree House. What little kid didn’t enjoy climbing up to the top of that?

Want to know what you could see from there?

In December 1958 you could view the Chicken Plantation Restaurant. Is it time for lunch yet?

See more Disneyland Tom Sawyer Island photos at my main website.


Fifthrider said...

I don't know what's crazier, that you could go fishing at Disneyland or that there's so many people on those 3 docks with poles actually doing it. Here's a bad idea, and now here's a long line to validate it. The crowd of people going up to the treehouse and stacked on the deck of the Columbia sure puts to rest some of my previous arguments that Disneyland wasn't as crowded back then.

Things that Daveland has taught me about DL over the years. You can browse in a bra shop, buy tobacco, fire a rifle that rebounds into the passing crowd, then swing a pole with a sharp hook on the end over your head and it's all just par for the course. Suddenly my childhood of playing with fireworks seems kind of tame.

Daveland said...

Isn't it amazing that people "back in the day" could survive all those things, and yet today, need so much protection to even know how to breathe?!?

"Lou and Sue" said...

Love your pictures and commentary, Dave (and Fifthrider)!

JG said...

One of my best Disneyland memories is climbing the treehouse with my Dad, then coming back and climbing with my little son.

On our last visit 2015, we did it again, two grown men squeezing up the ladder.

And now, of course, it is closed. No third generation of harmless fun.

Thanks for these pictures, Dave.