Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Back to Catalina, Pt. 4

Welcome back to my Catalina Island series; as you head towards the Casino/Theatre, you pass these really cool tiles. This particular one depicts the Casino:

I LOVE the colors of these Catalina Tiles! Created by Catalina Classic Tile, they are a signature of the Island.

The Catalina Casino opened on May 29, 1929. Its Art Deco/Mediterranean design was by Sumner Spaulding (designer of the famed Harold Lloyd estate, Greenacres) and Walter Weber. The casino's movie theater was the first to be designed specifically for films with sound. It received the Honor Award from the California Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, as “one of the outstanding architectural accomplishments.”

Although available for tours, the movie theatre has ceased to function due to low attendance.

It was closed during my visit, so the only interior shot I got was this one through the glass doors:

These interior shots were from 2004 when I saw a movie there:

Back to the present, and some incredible vintage light fixtures!

The tile in the entry:

One more installment left in my Catalina series!

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Anonymous said...

Dave, thanks for the follow-up info and beautiful pictures of the Casino. We visited Catalina as a family shortly after your first visit, and I got to replicate some of your photos.

I have been to Avalon several times and the tiles are always a highlight of the architecture there. I have designed several buildings where I added exterior tiles to the facade due to their influence.