Thursday, February 11, 2021

Snow in San Diego!

Yes, it’s true. Snow can be found in San Diego! Or at least the nearby hiking trails of Stonewall Peak in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, located just outside the quaint little town of Julian. Apparently, the Sunshine Tax that San Diego residents pay for living here doesn’t cover this part of town. No complaints here; it was a beautiful change of pace.

The trees provided some Tim Burton-esque scenery.

Once up at the top, the temperature changed greatly along with very gusty winds.

The steep climb up the staircase was a little unnerving; I put a lot of blind faith on the rail as I held onto it for dear life!

The views were stupendous, though. Definitely worth it.

Had to borrow the hat when it came time for my photo.

On the way down I encountered this screaming tree. Very creepy…very cool. Probably a refugee from Snow White’s (formerly) Scary Adventures.

Did we get pie while in Julian? The road was completely log-jammed with tourists who had been going stir-crazy, so the pie had to wait until I got home and I purchased one from the frozen section of the local grocery store. It still tasted delicious!

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Chuck said...

So interesting to see this with snow. Not unusual here in my corner of the Midwest 9in fact, it snowed just yesterday), but neat to see in the SD area.