Friday, February 19, 2021

New Orleans vs. New Orleans Square, Pt. 3

Welcome to New Orleans Square! To experience the attractions here, it’s best to board the train at the Main Street Train Station and head to the first stop, which is Frontierland/New Orleans Square. As you approach the station, you know you’re in the right place as you see the decor from the Mardi Gras Supply Company. This is one of my favorite stations at Disneyland, as the detailing is rich.

Tired? You can always hang out and relax at Magnolia Park while the kiddies run wild.

Into history? Take a moment to read the plaque purporting this to be the anchor from a pirate ship commanded by Jean Lafitte.

Want to know your future? Consult with Fortune Red:

Shopping in New Orleans Square was once a unique experience. Slowly as the years went by, the antique shops and other unique places were replaced with emporiums of plush. You can still shop at Cristal d’Orleans, but many of the items here can also be found on Main Street. Sigh.

Two of my favorite Disneyland attractions are located in New Orleans Square. It was typical of me to run to this area as soon as I crossed the turnstiles to experience them both, beginning with the Haunted Mansion:

The Hitchhiking Ghosts, perpetually looking for that ride into eternity:

Down the way you can find my other fave attraction, the Pirates of the Caribbean:

I have yet to experience it since the Red Headed Wench was replaced with her gun-toting lookalike.

As requested, here’s a side-by-side comparison shot of the Castle/Central Plaza at Disneyland…

and New Orleans’ Jackson Square:

Come back Monday and see what there is to do at Disneyland’s real-life counterpart!

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Fifthrider said...

Thanks for the comparison of Jackson square, now I see what you mean. Ever since those Burger King commercials where he's somehow lurking in someone's house, that Mardi Gras king head has had me concerned. Until recently I didn't know that Magnolia Park was there since '55. I only noticed when browsing pics on your site and came across a pic of someone standing in front of a "storybook" map with that on it. I was also surprised to find that anchor was much further into Frontierland back in the day. On my last trip to WDW I made a point to visit the Arribas Brothers store at Disney Springs and buy something ( anything ) since I never did back when they were in NOS. Their lack of presence is missed. As you said, it's all plush and pins now.

Daveland said...

Magnolia Park was originally the name for the area where the bandstand was moved to; once that area was replaced, not sure if the name was immediately transferred to its present location or if it was dormant for a few years.

Anonymous said...

Dave, thank you for the castle comparison.

When I visited Jackson Square for the first time, I just had a weird deja-vu flash like I had seen it before. Took a minute to connect to Disneyland.

I guess it's pretty tenuous, but it was a strange feeling nonetheless.