Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Temple Tuesday: Shirley's Got Mail

In this 1943 photo, Shirley Temple checks to see what’s in her mailbox at her Rockingham Avenue home in Brentwood:

From the same photo shoot, Shirley relaxes by the lily pond outside the flagstone patio near the entrance to the home:

Was the water really cold, or was Shirley just tired of having her photo snapped?

Today, this is the less-than-exciting mailbox one sees in front of the former Temple residence:

The home still remains, although the house (and the property) was subdivided many years ago and now consists of three parcels:

Melissa (aka “The Colonel”) and Army members Shirley Jean and Mary were fortunate enough to get to tour the home during their last visit to California:

I wonder if they checked the mailbox?

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