Friday, February 12, 2021

Motor Boats and The Viewliner

This undated 1950’s image of Disneyland was taken from the dock of the Motor Boat Cruise attraction and affords a rare view of the Fantasyland Viewliner station. Why so rare, you ask? Because the Viewliner barely lasted a year before it was removed.

To give you an idea of where the photo was taken, here’s a May 1958 view from the Skyway, showing both the Motor Boat and Viewliner attractions:

A detailed shot of the Fantasyland Viewliner station, with (appropriately) the Blue Fantasyland Viewliner parked at the station.

Another view of the same area from the ground:

A detailed view of the station:

…and the Motor Boat Cruise dock, as well as the regular Disneyland Railroad Fantasyland Depot:

For Motor Boat Cruise fans, here’s an August 1958 shot:

I can just here the little girl now. “I don’t see mom and dad, Tommy. Full speed ahead!”

I believe the track seen in this portion of the photo belongs to the Viewliner:

Got enough to last you for the weekend? I sure hope so!

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