Saturday, April 04, 2015

Haunted Savannah, Pt. 3

Colonial Park Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia is considered one of the city's most haunted locations giving it the moniker of "Paranormal Central." Today's first photo shows how it looked in 1960; black and white seems appropriate, doesn't it?

Colonial Park Cemetery opened in 1750, making it one of the oldest in the city. Although approximately 10,000 people are buried here, there are less than 1,000 grave markers. Here comes the reason why it is considered to be a hub of paranormal activity: many lost their tombstones to vandals and even more were buried in mass graves, some the result of the yellow fever epidemic of 1820.

Here's another vintage 1960 shot showing the surrounding area of Colonial Park:

Colonial Park closes early every evening, making it virtually impossible to get evening photos inside the cemetery's gates. Most likely this is a result of the Voodoo rituals and ceremonies held after dark that left remnants for early morning visitors to gawk at, such as graves that had been raided to obtain human bones. Yikes!

One of the tours I was on discussed the basketball court and playground located on the south side of Colonial Park, saying it had been the site of countless pistol duels…to the death.

Whether or not this is true, it makes for a good chilling story when told by the right tour guide.

Even in a cemetery one can find a spot of springtime color:

The back wall is full of headstones; I can only guess that they were moved here at some time and that the people they commemorate are buried elsewhere.

The trunks of the crape myrtle trees make me think of open screaming mouths.

It's as if somebody is trapped inside screaming to get out.

Swirl that one around in your head for a bit!

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