Friday, April 03, 2015

"Live" At The Golden Horseshoe

The Golden Horseshoe was once the entertainment highlight of Disneyland. This April 1960 image shows you how the saloon looked shortly after the Park opened. Zooming in, it would appear that one of the musicians is about to mosey on in.

Before digital, interior shots at Disneyland were very difficult to achieve; either they came out extra dark or if you used a flash, they would typically wash out entire areas of the image. Not very pretty. With the bright stage lighting of the Revue, these July 1962 gems are a collector's dream. The Can-Can Girls start the show off with a "wow."

The lovely Betty Taylor literally glows in this image.

Let's get a better look at Betty, shall we?

Wally Boag is center stage in this one;

Poor Betty seems to be laughing at his antics and leans against the curtain for support.

The trio of Boag, Taylor, and Fulton Burley face the audience, with the Can-Can Girls giving it their all in the background.

A trio of Disneyland Legends.

Will the 'shoe ever be able to live up to this standard again? See more Golden Horseshoe photos at my main website.

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hamjenkinsIII said...

that Mark Twain mural tho

K. Martinez said...

They really need to get a top level show in there again. It's sad the way it's being utilized now.

Perhaps Disney could think outside the box and have it a tad more adult in flavor, upcharge it and serve alcohol like a real saloon would. If they can serve alcohol in Club 33 which is inside Disneyland, I don't see why they can't serve it in limited areas like the Golden Horseshoe.

Awesome post today, Dave. Thanks!

JG said...

I am everlastingly grateful that I had the good luck to see this show once before it ended.

It was really funny and well-done. These pictures really bring it back. All that's missing is Wally Boag spitting teeth.

Billy Hill & Co. aren't bad, but nothing could top this act.

Thank you, Dave.


K. Martinez said...

@JG - I feel very fortunate I was able to see the this cast (Wally Boag/Betty Taylor) while they performed at Disneyland. And you're right. There's nothing that could top the original show, but it was another era. I still think they could create a new show for the current generation. It just needs to set itself apart from the other shows while keeping a frontier saloon flavor.